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Outline of Company

Date of Establishment November 1985
Capital Funding 100 million yen
Stockholders Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. (100%)
Chairman of BD Hideyuki Sakamoto
CEO Tooru Segoshi
Business Contents
  1. The consignment of the design and drafting of automobiles, other machinery, and their related equipment
  2. The consignment of the design and drafting of electric and electronic equipment
  3. The consignment of the translation of the engineering documents, design drawings, etc. of automobiles, other machinery, and their related equipment
  4. The provision of technology relating to the above and ancillary business
  5. Business relating to the above, and temporary staff dispatch business targeting other business.
Number of Employees 2,402(as of October 2017)
Major Banks Mizuho Corporate Bank, Resona Bank
Dispatching Undertaking Registration Authorization Number General 14-10-0012 Registration Authorization Date October 1st, 1997
Affiliated Company NISSAN TECHNO VIETNAM Co., Ltd. (Hanoi, Vietnam)

Change in sales

Change in sales


1985 Nov. Established as a design specialty company as part of the strengthening of the development structure of the Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. Group.
1999 Nov. CAD Design Headquarters established as an exclusive department for CAD design.
Yokohama Center established.
2000 Jan. Tochigi Center established.
2001 Jun. Nissan Techno Vietnam Co., Ltd. established.
2002 Apr. Tomei Atsugi Center established. In succession consolidation of design and CAD design sections.
2005 Apr. Merger with NS Design Co., Ltd. (Hiratsuka Center established).
2006 Apr. Integration with the Nissan Kohki Co., Ltd. Development Section.
Samukawa Center established.
Oct. Vehicle testing business consignment begun (Tochigi PG Center established).
2008 Jun. Nissan Techno developed the TEANA model to a successful launch.
Sep. Mid-term business plan (Nissan Techno V30) begun.
Nov. Nissan Techno developed the CUBE model to a successful launch.
2011 May. Nissan Techno developed the TIIDA model to a successful launch.
2012 Dec. Nissan Techno developed the SYLPHY model to a successful launch.
2015 Oct. Nissan Techno developed the LANNIA model to a successful launch.
2016 Apr. Mid-term business plan (Nissan Techno TTR) begun.
2017 Oct. Merger with Nissan Mortor Light Truck Co., Ltd.

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